Canva Pro Is Worth It

2 min readFeb 25, 2022

I’m a freelance copywriter and so I use Canva a ton! I was using the free version for a while but I got frustrated with how many awesome features, photos, images, etc. I wanted to use but were “Pro Features.”

So, I caved. I signed up. It’s $120/year for any 1–5 person business and goes up in price the more logins you’ll need. Honestly, I love it.

That said, here are a few of the Pro features I’ve discovered and love.

  1. Background remover. If you have a photo and want to remove the background, hit the button and it does a great job! I’ve used it tons of times on photos of myself and they turned out great.
  2. Brand packages. If you freelance for several different brands, you can keep all their colors, images, fonts, etc. in folders.
  3. Content calendar. You have access to a content calendar where you input the graphics you want to use on that day.
  4. Resize. As a freelancer, social media manager, or any role where you create graphics for various platforms, this tools is a freakin’ lifesaver. You select the social platforms, mediums, etc. you need to have the image for, and Canva automatically resizes the whole thing! You can input specific dimensions, too.

The money it costs for Pro is a solid investment. If you’re curious about learning more or want to ask my questions, drop them in the comments or hit me up on Instagram @that.content.writer.guy.




My name is Geoff (pronounced like Jeff), and I’m a 30-year-old copywriter! I’ve been a copywriter and marketing consultant for 10+ years! Based in TX.