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Attention Freelance Writers! Have You Heard About Contra?

You likely have profiles on the two freelance giants Upwork and Fiverr, if you’re a freelance copywriter. However, there is a new platform on the scene: Contra.

What’s so special about Contra? It is commission-free! How nice is that?

Fiverr charges a commission on each order you get, meaning you receive less than the total value of the sale.

Upwork gets you twice! Upwork forces you to apply for work by using “Connects,” which are like tokens, and each application costs a certain amount of Connects to send; once you run out of Connects, you have to buy more. Then, when you finish the job, Upwork takes a commission, too. So you essentially pay to get and to complete work.

contra’s TikTok
Contra’s TikTok. Username @ContraHQ on TikTok and Instagram.

Finding work on Contra isn’t quite as intuitive as it is on Fiverr or Upwork. One way to get jobs is to be part of their Slack community (to which you receive the invite once your profile is approved), and another is to have people go to your profile directly.

If you haven’t signed up yet for Contra, take a look! They have an excellent account on Instagram where you can get insight into the platform and the people behind it! Or, if TikTok is more your bag, they have that, too!



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My name is Geoff (pronounced like Jeff), and I’m a 30-year-old copywriter! I’ve been a copywriter and marketing consultant for 10+ years! Based in TX.