6 Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Freelancer

4 min readApr 6, 2022

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Some people become freelancers to achieve a better work-life balance. This makes sense since having greater control over when and where you work, you to fit in personal duties throughout the day. However, most people who have freelanced as their primary source of income will tell you that it isn’t easy. Burnout among freelancers is a genuine issue.

Many freelancers work even more complex and for longer hours than they would if they worked for a company. As a result, freelancers, contractors, and other self-employed professionals are in danger of burning out even if they enjoy their work.

6 Ways to Stay Away from Burnout as a Freelancer

1. Make a wise decision

When you first start as a freelancer, you could have the “beggars can’t be choosers” mentality. Your primary objective may be to make as much money as possible (or at the very least to begin making money) as quickly as possible. That may work for the short term, but taking on too many projects or clients will put you on the fast route to freelancer burnout in the long run.

Rather than thinking in terms of scarcity, refine your capacity to take on initiatives that are a good fit for your interests and skillset — and to identify a reasonable workload and know when enough is enough.

2. Alter Your Attitude

Even if you have the freedom to work from anywhere, freelancers can quickly get stuck in a rut if they sit at the same desk every day. So why not take your laptop and work somewhere else now and then to keep things fresh and offer you a new perspective?

3. Establish Workday Limits

A desire to labor around the clock is another significant danger indicator for freelancer burnout. Though ambition might help you attract satisfied customers, there’s a limit to how much you can accomplish in a day — especially a day after day. While certain short-term rush times are inevitable when meeting a deadline, you should avoid developing a habit of overworking if you want to be a long-term freelancer.

Instead of seeing night after night evaporate at your desk, figure out — and then stick to — at least semi-regular working hours. Of course, you can always employ flexibility when you need it, but establishing a work schedule that is at least somewhat regular and not overly long can help you feel more energized throughout the week.

4. Mix Things Up A Bit

As a freelancer, you’re the perfect flex worker with complete freedom over when and where you work. However, if you work five days a week, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., month after month, it may be time to mix things up by working alternative hours now and again.

Try the evening shift and use some of those daylight hours for pleasure. Alternatively, if you’re a notorious night owl, try working days this week so you may reclaim some evenings for other activities.

5. Maintain A Healthy Balance

In the zone, freelancers may become almost machine-like in their dedication to churning out product after deliverable for their clients. If this describes you, you may begin to feel more like a worker than a person.

Remind yourself that one of the reasons you wanted to freelance in the first place was to have more balance and flexibility in your life, and then figure out how to implement this concept in your own freelancing business. It isn’t easy, but necessary: even when deadlines loom, you must eat correctly, exercise regularly, and devote time to other aspects of your life, such as personal hobbies and meeting friends.

6. Take A Day Off

The adage goes: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So pick a week and alternate days for client work with days to rub elbows with peers or coworkers to avoid becoming a boring guy (or girl).

Networking is vital for company growth, but you’ll never meet anybody new if you’re continually working for old clients. So once a month, set out time to incorporate networking days into your schedule. Attend a conference, join a brown bag lunch, or schedule a meeting with a buddy who works in a field related to your freelancing employment. If you want, you may participate in most of these activities remotely.

Get Rid of Freelance Burnout

Too much labor and repetition in your daily routine might cause you to get anxious and burned out. Mixing things around will give you a boost in terms of well-being and results.




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